How to Create Different Internet Passwords

  An active user has approximately 7-8 accounts on online social networks. In my case, that number is 5 times because I keep trying new social networks and do not deactivate them after testing its usability.   A major mistake that we commit is keeping a same password for all online social networks. On few […]

How Not to Tweet

Business and individuals have posted content on social media sites, only to regret it. In some cases, immediately.  Only recently, SMC member Melissa Pont posted a great article about social media brand failures that I’m sure the companies regretted.  At least, I hope they did. While this article will probably bring at least one chuckle […]

3 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

As personal privacy online has become a bigger issue to many people, here are three quick things that you can do to help protect your privacy when using social media sites:  Minimize Your Digital Footprint Avoid providing personal content, such as your birthday, address or phone #.  Some sites will allow you to include the month […]

Case Study on Crisis Communications: What Buffer Did Right

When crisis hits, there are ways to lessen the impact and ways that will dig yourself an even deeper hole. The latter is especially true in the case where users and customers are concerned. Public opinion is an uphill battle (just look at the president’s rating when things are going well), and if you dig […]


Finding Out the Difference Between Personal and Private

All of us that are active in some respect on social networks will sooner or later end up in a situation where we don’t know if we should publish an update or not, so did I, back in September. Let me first start with saying how grateful and fantastic the interaction with my followers and […]


Facebook Users: Protect Your Account. Change Your Security Settings to 'https'. Now.

  Every day we hear about someone’s Facebook account being hacked. One minute you are happily posting photos from your friends birthday, next thing you know your account is sending ‘buy this iPad’ spammy emails to everyone in your contact list. It has happened to many of us. And it sucks.    Hackers gain access […]