Let Us Co-Discover the Flow Society – what are the sub-themes?

In my last monthly entry I introduced a conversation about what prospectively could be meant with ”The Flow Society”. In the much-repeated claim that we undergo a great ”paradigm shift”, you always have to ask yourself “from” where and what, and identify “to” this and that. Hopefully added with some why’s. My claims at this […]

Buying Social Media Services: Help Wanted

Social media is becoming a mainstream business expense however there are very few resources available to guide customers in how to purchase. Like any new industry, there is a wide range of options, a few so not ethical players in the mix, and overall, a very confused and stressed marketplace. After all, who likes buying when […]


Social Media Lunch Meat 10/6

I like blogs but sometimes, the amount of content I'm reading gets overwhelming so I resort to my kindergarten days of liking anything with pretty pictures!  Think consuming content + Pretty pictures = Infographics. Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly[1], […]


Social Media Lunch Meat 9/22

Last week, yours truly participated as a presenter at Jeff Pulver's #140 Characters Conference: The State of Now, in Boston on Tuesday, September 14th. I spoke about an event Social Media Club Nashville helped organize, which brought together more than 30 volunteers for 24 hours to create a new website, logo and marketing strategy for […]