Patients Force Progress for Hospitals to Use Social

It used to be that you would visit your doctor, receive a diagnosis and let nature take its course.  These days, in addition to routine doctor visits, many patients are taking matters into their own hands and using social media to help direct their medical journey.  “It’s all about empowerment,” said Shwen Gwee, vice president […]

6 P's Of Social Health

This guest blog is by Shwen Gwee as part of our themed content hosted the first week of each month, with October focusing on healthcare. Shwen is currently VP of Digital Health within the Health Practice of Edelman.   On September 19th, 2011, a group of around 80+ people from across the healthcare industry gathered in Philadelphia, PA for […]


Introducing October Themed Editorial Content: Healthcare

At the beginning of September, we lauched an expansion of our Social Media Club Editorial Team, by hosting guest bloggers to highlight a different vertical within social media.  The first week of each month we host themed content featuring true social media professionals who are in the trenches within their niche, with October featuring Healthcare related […]