#MySMCStory – Geoff Livingston, Author & Marketing Strategist

Our friend Geoff Livingston shares his Social Media Club story which started back in 2006-2007 when he helped to launch Social Media Club D.C.  “Geoff serves as vice president of strategic partnerships for Razoo, a series of regional online giving contests that unite communities to raise millions for local causes. He also started and sold […]

The Social Media Search Filter

I was really intrigued by the TED Talk given by Eli Pariser on “filter bubbles”. We know from such movies as Terminator that sometimes technology can get too smart for our own feeble human good. But as more and more companies, media conglomerates, mobile, application, and Web 2.0 users race towards hyper-local, geo-targeted selling and […]

Dining in a Digital World

In this world of Internet immediacy and hyper-location, it’s important for small businesses to make their online mark. This article in the New York Times last week struck me as a great example of how one business owner is taking on the challenge of standing out among the masses.   Online research is the way […]

Social Media Club D.C.: It’s All About Networking

If your Social Media Club chapter seems to be getting off to a slow start, take heart: Meetings of the Social Media Club D.C. were attracting just 10 to 20 people at the end of the chapter’s first year, and today the leadership team alone numbers about 40. “Finding the right balance between consistency and […]