6 Ways Nonprofits Can Use SnapChat

I’ve been writing about how non-profit organizations can leverage social media for quite a while. The industry, as a whole, has truly matured in 2013 in its ability to use the platforms available to market important causes and advocate for critical campaigns. Could it be that it’s time to look beyond the core of Facebook, Twitter […]

What Snapchat Updates Mean For Your Brand

Snapchat, the mobile visual application that allows for instant consumption of videos and photos has come out with some recent updates. Although there are fun little things like filters there are two things that stood out to me: (1) applying temperature through Weather Channel data and (2) allowing users to view one snapchat per day […]

How Kids Can Be Safe on Social Media

Recently, I have become very interested, even concerned, with how social media may be used or more precisely, misused, by our children. Our daughter will be turning eight next month and she’s already pretty good at navigating the web. That makes me a little proud, but also a little worried. When my wife’s cell phone […]