Interview with Twitter Sales Director

Last spring, I listened to a great Social Media Week panel in DC about search and social. I wrote about it on PR Newswire’s Beyond PR blog. The panel included Peter Greenberger, Twitter director of sales in Washington, D.C.; Trevor Madigan, formerly of Facebook and founder of The Vision Lab; and Tripp Donnelly, founder and […]

Why We Are On the Same Team

A few years ago, I worked at one of the nation’s first purely social media agencies. Our customers relied on us to do all things social, which included blogger outreach, blog strategy and launch tactics, Twitter postings, and investigating the latest and greatest social tools from Radian6 to Ning. The PR agency focused on media […]

#SMAC: Social, Mobile, Analytics, Content

Social is platforms or software (apps included) used for communication to connect and interact.  Mobile is the technology used to communicate; capture, create and share. Analytics is the information or data that tells us how people are responding and connecting. Content is the substance of communications be it text, audio, pictures or video. Content was […]


Social for Small Business: To App or Not to App

It’s time for small businesses to seriously consider getting into the mobile marketplace. Smartphones and tablets make up about 50% of the U. S. mobile market according to a Neilsen study released at the end of March.  An expected 460 million smartphones and tablets will be sold worldwide this year and sales may hit a […]

Putting the “social” back in social media

The biggest irony about social media is that, although we define it as “social,” it’s all about interaction taking place via technology. There’s something not-so-social about a device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) acting as the middleman between our communication to another person.  But there are companies out there trying to change that. Enter: TapItSocial. I […]

Commenting is part of “the social” in Social Media

Ever wanted to know why, although, you wrote a fabulous blog post which we all know you sweated blood for, you don’t get any comments?  You are thankfully not alone. Mark S. Luckie, national web editor for The Washington Post and founder and editor of Media Bistro’s 10,000 Words: Where Journalism and Technology Meet talks […]

App-ly this to your love life

(This is the final chapter of our focus on online dating and the  increasingly social industry that it’s become. Third post in a three-part series. Miss the other two? You can find them here: Part 1 and Part 2.) Laurie Davis has a gift. A veteran marketer, Davis always had great success helping her friends […]


ISO: Social media to build relationships

(We’re looking at online dating and the massive – and increasingly social – industry that it’s become. Second in a three-part series. Check out last week’s post HERE.) While researching online dating and social media, I tested these love waters with my Facebook status. I was looking for a success story. Talk about a can […]


Online Dating: First comes love

(To celebrate February’s Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a look at online dating and the massive – and increasingly social – industry that it’s become. First in a three-part series.)    Meet Kelly and Bill. Two years ago, both were single and looking for a mate in Virginia. They kept their eyes peeled for a partner […]