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Social Enterprise Collaboration Tools Bring Social Business to Life!

Social networks for business help enterprises effectively collaborate across departments, offices and countries. These tools give employees a sense of online community and help forge connections between different parts of the business and your customers. Some business leaders still have a hard time understanding the benefits of the social business. Organizations that have tried to […]

Sameer Patel on Social Business, Social CRM and More

Sameer Patel, Global Vice President, Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Solutions at SAP, is truly one of the leading thinkers about Social Software and it’s impact on business. Chris Heuer was fortunate to interview him during the IBM Connect + Lotusphere conference in January 2012, to gain his insights on Social Business broadly, but especially to discuss […]

Sandy Carter (IBM) on What it Takes to Become a Social Business

In this 17 minute conversation, Chris Heuer dives deep into what is required to become a Social Business with Sandy Carter, IBM’s Vice President, Social Business and Collaboration Solutions Sales and Evangelism and author of “Get Bold”. Join them as they discuss the pre-requisities of getting social, the power of trust and several examples that […]