Why Pinterest Still Matters & How to Reach Your Audience

Gone are the days of just Facebook and Twitter as the main players. Nowadays, there are countless apps popping up, and typically being born from the original pack, or at least being acquired by them. To date we have: Facebook, Twitter (yes, still here), YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat (in no particular order). The visual […]

Why ModCloth Has Social Marketing Locked Down

ModCloth is an online women’s retailer that does social marketing right. They source women’s clothing from indie designers and sell them to women all over the world. They are not just good at social marketing–they are “a social-shopping community” that centers itself around its customer. Here is what they do right: 1. Branding to their […]

Let’s Strive for More Global Adoption before Renaming ‘Social Media'

I’ll start with saying, I think there’s a memo I didn’t receive the last few months.  Seems there are some within our industry who feel the need to rename ‘Social Media.’ Although I understand this is a constantly evolving industry, why the big push?  Whether you choose to call it social business, social marketing, human […]