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Things to Consider When Creating a Social Media Content Strategy

Content is the fuel that feeds almost every aspect of digital marketing. Everyone who works in SEO, social media, design, development, or content creation has to consider content first. The problem is that each department can easily fall into a pattern where they are only looking at content from the perspective of their role instead […]

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Time to Create a Social Media Strategy

Social media traffic has the potential to be one of the biggest referrers of quality traffic to your site. While some types of social traffic have a reputation for being hard to convert, overall, social media traffic is very engaging. We blogged about social media engagement last month and last week, using it to effectively grow […]

10 Step Process for Creating a Kick Butt Social Media Strategy

Most of us are pretty close to convinced that we need to be on social media to market ourselves and our business. Some of you have put your toe in the water, polished up your LinkedIn account, maybe played around with Twitter. Perhaps you’ve set up a Facebook fan page and upload a video or […]

Social Media Club Chapters Share Knowledge with Local Charities

Social Media Club’s motto is “if you get it, share it” and never before have we seen our tagline in action than with a few chapters around the country who we’d like to highlight for their charitable activities in their communities. Over the last few years, Social Media Club chapters in Lawrence, Austin, Cache Valley […]