4 Ways to Monetize Your Social Networks

In this digital era, e-commerce is bigger than ever and while retailers and marketers were some of the first to capitalize on this new way of life, the market expands every day. With the rise and popularity of social media, brands have tapped into their own revenue stream – their consumers. Social media for e-commerce has […]

Social Networking for Writers: Hi

For the last few years, it has seemed as if our online society was moving towards a preference for brevity. Twitter instilled the notion that any idea over 140 characters was too long. Online articles went from thousands of words to a few hundred. Even Buzzfeed eliminated heavy word usage in their posts to accommodate […]

Micro-Social Networking: The Future of Social Media?

Screenshot from Line’s website Call it a phase, despite enhanced privacy features now we hate sharing personal stuffs on Facebook but not on a platform enabling a direct one to one interaction to the closed ones. Most of us even hate leaving a direct message on someone’s FB wall or even a direct tweet unless […]

Pew research shows Facebook users more trusting of others

It’s officially, Facebook has 750 million monthly active users.  With the number increasing 150 million in only 6 months, it’s easy to assume everyone in your immediate and extended circle of friends has a Facebook page, right?  Recent research by the Pew Internet & American Life Project titled Social Networking Sites and Our Lives, studied the […]