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Social Media Club Expanding In Your Area

Social Media Club is actively seeking new chapter leaders in the following areas: San Diego, CA Silicon Valley, CA Washington, D.C To get involved as a leader in one of these areas, please email Ronnie Ledesma, Professional Chapter Management Director at Social Media Club. He’ll set up time with you to discuss what’s involved. If […]


From Structure Society to Flow Society: An Introduction

When I sat out on a journey to be a monthly contributive editor for Social Media Club Editorial Team, I updated my profile here on SMC accordingly. I found some core themes in how I think and act in relation to this rapidly shifting and changing area we try to grasp, collaboratively and collectively in […]

What is Social Media? Mid-2011 Insights

As more software companies, communications agencies and consultants (like me) are beginning to use the term “Social Business” to define the work they do and the value they deliver, I think it is important to take a look again at the definition of “Social Media”. It has been 62 months (5+ years) since I registered […]