Moscow Chapter Promotes Social Media in Russia

The social media revolution has been extremely disruptive, replacing old business hierarchies with overlapping networks that enable people to collaborate much more efficiently.  Since January 2010, Social Media Club Moscow has been helping to bring these benefits to Russia. And Russia has more to gain from the efficiencies of social media and other Internet-enabled virtualization technologies […]

SMC New Hampshire: A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

If you are struggling with your Social Media Club chapter after some early success, take heart: False starts are a recurring theme as I talk to clubs around the globe. Social Media Club New Hampshire is one of the latest Phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes stories. The chapter was reinvigorated in November 2010 after a lull of about four […]

Social Media Club Introduces Social Media Masters 11 City Tour (April 2011)

  SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERS LAUNCHING 11 CITY U.S. TOUR    Coming off the success of our Social Media Masters event in San Diego back in February, we’re launching an 11 city tour this Summer, which will offer deep dives in several full-day workshops; such as, Facebook: Marketing Engagement with Fans, Friends, Content, Apps and Ads […]


Southwest Florida chapter regrouping in 2011

Sometimes, it’s just too easy.  You hold a planning meeting, come up with some great ideas, and set things in motion.  A lot of market momentum and public thirst for information help keep it going—for a while.  But things eventually settle down, and you need to build a more solid and sustainable operational foundation. That’s […]


Planning Pays off Big in Evansville

Population-wise, Evansville, Ind., is not a big area—130,000 within the city limits and some 350,000 in the whole metropolitan region.  So on a per-capita basis, what Social Media Club Evansville has achieved is truly amazing. Some social media clubs get going when a couple of local social media enthusiasts decide to throw the spaghetti against […]


Small-town club builds impressive local profile

The seeds for Social Media Club Lincoln were planted in February of 2009 when two working mothers with backgrounds in communications and public relations decided to light out for Houston and check out the inaugural Mom 2.0 Summit. By that time chapter co-founders Christy Nelson and Deb Averett had developed reputations as local social media […]

SMC Chapter Does Its Bit to “Keep Austin Weird”

“Keep Austin Weird” is the slogan of the Austin Independent Business Alliance, so it is no surprise that the Texas state capital was quick to jump on the social media bandwagon.  Applying some of the early social media platforms to business seemed weird, indeed. The social media paradigm shift was embraced eagerly from the outset […]

Social Media Club D.C.: It’s All About Networking

If your Social Media Club chapter seems to be getting off to a slow start, take heart: Meetings of the Social Media Club D.C. were attracting just 10 to 20 people at the end of the chapter’s first year, and today the leadership team alone numbers about 40. “Finding the right balance between consistency and […]