Tag Your Way to Instagram Success

Since my last blog post explaining why an organization should join Instagram, the next step is illustrating how to dominate this visual platform by using hashtags. While hashtags are supported by most social networks, most associate the # with Instagram and Twitter. Hashtags have achieved mainstream status by being integrated into pop culture and are […]


3 Steps to Measuring Your Social Marketing Campaign with Google Analytics

In order for you to specifically track the fruits of your social marketing labor, you must identify where your website visitors are coming from online. By using the Urchin Tracking Module, better known as UTM codes, you are able to tag links to your promotional content and to track your performance at every point of […]

What New Twitter Design Means for Developers and Marketers

Last week Twitter introduced a new design which is available now on mobile devices and slated to be relased over the coming weeks on the Twitter.com. This simplified design makes it easier than ever to follow conversations, connect with others and helps users explore new topics.  The four new tabs. “Home” “Connect” “Discover” “Me” bring […]