Technology doesn’t weaken business connections, it levels the playing field

I am the networking king and love technology for providing me the ability to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. I exchange information and ideas, potential possibilities and engage with my connections by utilising technology. I maintain my focus, and keep my eye on the long-term goal of making solid, long-lasting physical connections that will […]


The Times Are Changing – But Are You?

Here are some interesting facts that I’ve come across regarding the internet: More than half of the world’s population was born after the creation of the internet. That number will only increase until it reaches 100 percent. In 1999, 39 million people had broadband internet access. Today, 1.2 billion have it on their mobile phones. […]


Following up on Technology Predictions for 2012

So we’re about halfway through 2012, and I thought it would be a good time to see how my predictions for hot topics in social media and the law are playing out.   1. Privacy Privacy has certainly continued to be a hot topic for social media sites, users and regulators.  Both Google and Facebook […]


Social Media Club Hits Le Web 2011

Social Media Club founders Kristie Wells and Chris Heuer are at Le Web in Paris this week to cover the conference and introduce our community to new startups, interview entrepreneurs and share insights from industry trends being discuss at the event. This truly global conference combines industry thought leaders from the social, mobile and technology […]

Commenting is part of “the social” in Social Media

Ever wanted to know why, although, you wrote a fabulous blog post which we all know you sweated blood for, you don’t get any comments?  You are thankfully not alone. Mark S. Luckie, national web editor for The Washington Post and founder and editor of Media Bistro’s 10,000 Words: Where Journalism and Technology Meet talks […]

Request an Invite for the Lenovo Lounge @CES 2011 with Social Media Club

Once again this year, we are excited to be co-hosting the Blogger Night party at CES 2011 with Lenovo on Wednesday January 5, 2011. Entitled "Eat. Drink. Blog. @Lenovo Lounge", it's an extraordinary combination of great people, incredible food and intoxicating beverages. If you've joined us in the past, you may have already received your invite, but […]