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Don't become obsessed with trying to raise your Klout score.

The Key to Optimizing Your Sales Funnel

Carlos Abisambra is an engineer-turned-marketer, as well as the Founder and CEO of Vortice Services LLC. Vortice is a B2B online lead generation consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses optimize their funnel management processes. I invited Carlos on the show to discuss trends in lead management and funnel optimization, and how marketing automation can […]

SMC - Not Perfect

Nobody’s Perfect: A Lesson in Social Customer Service

I want you to do something that you’ve probably never done before. I want you to hope that people complain about your company on your social media sites. Sounds like I’m crazy, I know, but you really want them to do it. I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. Your company isn’t perfect, either. So, if […]


When Will You Become “Uberized”?

There’s no long since Uber now gave birth to a verb: “Uberize”. What’s up with it and what does it mean? We’re sure it’s no fashion trend, as Uber is here to stay. But there’s something more vicious inside, hugely spread in many industries these past year. Digital, with short cycle, scarce resources, low capital […]

9 Social Media 9 Social Media bad Habits Bad Habits

9 Bad Habits to Avoid on Social Media

Congratulations! You just got the job of a lifetime as a social media consultant in a big firm. Your task is to imagine a great digital strategy in order to promote the company’s brands, make them more visible on the web, boost the ROI and get more engagement from the community. Now, how are you […]