SMCADL Project #1: BetaBods

Welcome to 2011!

I realise that SMCADL is off to a late “official” start for SMCADL in 2011, but at least we’re starting to get both online/offline projects in motion. The first project is call BetaBods, where members of SMCADL are invited to participate in a “book club”. Instead of reading books, members will be asked to engage each other on new, emerging social media platforms other than the most popular Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

After about a month or so, I will begin a discussion stream the Facebook Group, so that we can all share our experiences using the “new” platform of the month. We will also discuss these findings in-person too.

In May, SMCADL will begin monthly catch-ups where we can discuss these platforms as well as current trends we have each observed. I’m calling for one SMCADL member to volunteer as “secretary” for each meeting. This person will be responsible for summarising the evening’s discussion as a blog post, and will post it here for the time being.

I have created a Twtpoll to determine the first platform that the group of BetaBods will be testing. Please take the time to vote now: http://twtpoll.com/hrq18i

Look forward to engaging you …elsewhere! 😉