SMC Blogging and Social Media Event Tweets

Tweets from the SMC Blog Event

  • @baileynewmedia – The /tool plugin that shows a video of what your readers do on your site is mouseflow! It’s so insightful. #smcblog @blogchat #blogging
  • @rachaelgk – For @ScaryMommy and anyone else who’s interested, the Facebook stats tool I mentioned at #smcblog is called Pagelever. :-)
  • @mfsaty Maria – This just keeps getting better. Dangerously delicious pie and a full bar plus tips and tricks #smcblog
  • @Gramophone_MD – #SMCBlog lots of laughter in response to @abstractedge’s description of Chartbeat! Love it!
  • @planit – @gramophone_md Fantastic. When is the next event? #SMCblog
  • @smcbalt – Thanks to @rachaelgk @spaley @scarymommy and @xtremeparnthood for joining us today! #smcblog http://ow.ly/i/fCxI
  • @BrothaTech – Find out what makes you different/authentic, and write about that on your blog #smcblog
  • @erinjbailey – Platforms other than fb/twitter can connect you with others a bit easier b/c they are smaller. Ie instagram, google +, etc. #smcblog
  • @erinjbailey – Instagram is an awesome social media tool! It’s an iphone photohraphy app that can also drive traffic to your blog. #smcblog
  • @BrothaTech – Waiting on @Instagram to land on Android #Womp #smcblog
  • @erinjbailey – Klout is more about how much “noise you make” vs. your “social influence” #smcblog
  • @TheCubicleChick – RT @BrothaTech: B 4 I forget my question: Is there a such thing as too much social media? #smcblog (good question!)
  • @ErinScandalous – Stumbleupon can be an awesome source of traffic for your blog. Also, utilize linked in! #smcblog
  • @ErinScandalous – You have to build your own community by blogging. What if fb/twitter/google+ die? People still need to find you! #smcblog
  • @planit – Unfortunately not at the #SMCBlog event today but nice to see everyone’s tweet updates!
  • @Gramophone_MD – Follow #smcblog if you aren’t able to be here in person! Great info 
  • being live tweeted.
  • @DC_PQ - #SMCBlog is starting with @rachaelgk @ScaryMommy @spaley & @xtremeparnthood cc: @smcbalt
  • @Gramophone_MD – Are you blogging & social media-ing? We’re currently hosting 
  • @smcbalt’s blogging & social media panel. #smcblog
  • @smcbalt – Make sure to use the #SMCBlog when tweeting about today’s event
  • @xtremeparnthood – @dipaolamomma We missssss you!! @scarymommy #smcblog 
  • @dipaolamomma – @xtremeparnthood you and @ScaryMommy are the wonder twins of awesome. Have a blast at #smcblog I’ll be there in spirit. #sickkids
  • @mfsaty – An event where I’m encouraged to tweet? I’ll be rude for the sake of #socialmedia #smcblog
  • @xtremeparnthood – Here at the #smcblog and getting ready to start the round table discussion!
  • @amydpp – hanging out at the #SMCBlog event. Attendees are starting to show up!
  • @Gramophone_MD – welcome to @smcbalt & attendees to the blogging panel! We’re so excited to have you here! #smcblog

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