beSOCIAL notes – March 2013

1. New Facebook Newsfeed design
– Better design than previous versions
– Higher weight on videos in algorithm, videos & photos will be displayed bigger
– There are ways to get it early before Facebook gives it to you

2. Facebook Graph Search
– Split between creepy v. cool technology
– You may want to go through and see what you’ve liked in the past and unlike anything you don’t want to be searched for
– Previously, if you wanted to buy an ad you can select people to see it who have liked certain things – now you can see who those people actually are
– As always, questions about privacy concerns are raise
* Similar to push for “open source” government data – making public record data freely available to push for tech solutions to social problems

3. YouTube updates
– Wants more streamlined/professional reputation, provides professional production capability to their top producers
– Time Warner Cable limits 1080p streaming on their internet service

4. “Three Strikes” Law
– Internet Service Providers can bar you from their service if you are caught illegally downloading/file sharing too many times.

5. Shield Law
– Drafted in congress to protect individuals from legal fees from frivolous lawsuits
* Proposed “patent” of podcast creator is suing each and every podcast distributor, attempting to gain settlements out of court for obvious losing cases.

6. Twitter v. Facebook
– Nearly all of the conversation about SXSW online is happening on Twitter – do you think Facebook sees this as a problem?
* While Facebook seems to be more about the people who participate, Twitter is more about the topics they’re discussing.
* Is this indicative of the inherent difference between the two sites, or does one (Facebook) try to be like the other?
* Split between those who can freely “give up” Facebook v. Twitter

7. Vine
– Excitement seems to have died down – is this because there are too many social networks out there?
– Good for creative types, but there are also too many people showing videos of their friends at bars.

8. Miscellaneous
– Linkedin has bought the Pulse news app
– Rebel Mouse – new social media “Control Center”
– Billboard music rankings now incorporate YouTube views