Social Media Club Electoral Policy

Social Media Club Electoral Policy
Only paying members can run for election and serve on the board
All board members shall serve 12-month terms, and are eligible to serve consecutive terms.
Terms will be served from October of election year until October of the following year.
Positions will be voted on by current serving board members
Any active, paying member can nominate themselves or other paying members by submitting a
brief letter to the serving board members. The nomination process will be open for 7 days.
Nominees will have an opportunity to send an e-mail to voting members, detailing their
qualifications for the position and reasons for running.
Serving board members are allowed one vote per board position in the first round of voting.
In the case in which a position has more than three nominees, the top two nominees for each
position will have a run-off election to determine the winner.
Departing board members have the option to remain at large board members for up to 6
months as guidance for the new board members.
Mid-term elections (in the case of a serving board member resigning his or her position) will
follow the same procedure to replace a departing board member. The vacancies will be filled only to
the end of the particular board member’s term
Resignations from the board must be submitted in writing to the serving chapter president.
Positions Up For Election (parenthesis indicate how many could be in that position)
Vice President
Digital Scribe
Communications (2)
Events (2)
At Large
Position Descriptions
Position Roles & Responsibilities
Act as liaison between SMCBuffalo and Social Media Club International
Delegate responsibilities within the organization
Primary contact and face for organization
Club spokesperson
Board meeting planner, scheduler and organizer
Uphold the goals and purpose for SMCBuffalo
Be a facilitator for the continued understanding and application of social media in WNY
Arrange and respond to meetings with potential community partners
Encourage creative events, ideas and openness for organization
Act as a liaison between board committees
Interact with SMC International and chapter accountant for updated financial status
Interact with subcommittees
Vice President
Position Roles & Responsibilities
To assist president in running of SMC Buffalo, through communication with national chapter,
communication with partners, communications with members and board members.
To act as proxy for chapter president in the instance of presidents absence from meetings,
events, etc.
To work with other board members and their committees (Events, Membership,
Communications, etc.) to ensure they have the resources they need to best serve SMC
In addition to the other board members, act as a face of the organization in the community to
expand recognition of our group in the Buffalo area.
To organize agenda for meetings among the board members, general membership and ensure
that such meetings run smoothly and stay on point.
SMC Buffalo Communications Chair
Position Roles & Responsibilities
Assurance of positive imagery and creative messaging for SMC Buffalo, as well as delivery of accurate
information and professional management of public affairs—spanning general club well-being, events,
membership support and internal communication, technology, and social media presence—with overall
goals focused on growing the club.
To accomplish this:
Appoint members in positions as needed
Create an integrated communications plan for SMC Buffalo
Work on projects where needed (lead and/or produce creative initiatives, oversee creation of
successful messaging, etc.)
Create a coordinated presence between all communications sub-teams (i.e., work to assure
PR team is on the same page with creative team to know what campaigns are going on and what
materials are needed). Same for other committees (i.e., facilitate integration with events and financial
members of the team so everyone is on the same page for expectations)
PR – press releases, assuring accurate/positive coverage for club and events, working with other groups,
positive imagery for the club, periodic awareness campaigns
Creative – Event themes/names, promotional materials, assurance of club branding/adhering to brand
guidelines, support of paying members, email marketing, creative to run through committee for
approval/editing, visual presence and solid copywriting for emails and social media sites (tie in with
membership, perhaps)
Technology & New Media
Member(s)-at-large for technology– Manage web hosting and email accounts, and any other technical
issues the club faces. One immediate technology/communications issue at hand is the need for an FTP
system (or something similar) to assure web access to all club collateral – an easy link to share with
people that need logos, etc., without having to email random members to know the correct logo, for
Member(s)-at-large for new media– A person or persons to help keep the club at the forefront of new
trends in the industry via video, new social media happenings, etc. One issue is that we are lacking a
digital presence, i.e. a video channel and live streaming of events, etc.
Membership – Manage membership mailing list and general club emails, work with other teams for
event, promotional, and other emails, represent the club at events, reach out to other groups/work
with other sub-teams to coordinate local efforts (i.e., upcoming event with B-Team – make sure club
members are informed, work with PR/events/creative sub-teams for public promotion )
Social Media – Manage posts across all platforms, assurance of quality information and a succinct brand
representation for SMC Buffalo, as well as integrated promotional and community efforts using the
established social media presence
Events/Programming Chair
Position Roles & Responsibilities
Supervises and promotes professional/educational and social activities for SMC Buffalo
Plans, executes, and attends SMC Buffalo events
Recruits and chairs volunteers organizing committees for each event
Liaises with Communication and Membership Chairs for event communications/promotion
Works with Treasurer to establish budget for each event & administer event-related payments
and to follow and reconcile event budgets.
Coordinates event ticket sales via Eventbrite (or other ticket sale utility)
Responsible for coordinating the participation of and communication with all event sponsors/
Posts events online including creation of Facebook Event, Meetup.com, and Eventbrite, etc.
Acts as the liaison with those wanting to partner in the community .
SMC Buffalo Membership Chair
Position Roles & Responsibilities
Raise member capital and maintain communication among members in advance of events, meetings,
etc. To field membership inquiries and promote SMC at events through an information table and
promotional materials. To implement various promotions to build membership.
To implement a promotions campaign through posters and stickers to make SMC more visible
throughout Buffalo.
To create set promotional and informational materials to hand out at events for the benefit of
potential members
To create a membership team to promote SMC. (Putting posters and stickers up around town,
working membership tables at events, etc.)
Provide members with regular e-mails about the goings on of SMC, upcoming events, special
SMC conferences and events, etc.
Work to create a college group.
SMC Buffalo Finance Chair
Position Roles & Responsibilities
Keeps track of all incoming and outgoing deposits and billing
Records a monthly statement
In charge of deposit card and account
In charge of Square account for events
Helps plan, executes, and attends SMC Buffalo events
SMC Buffalo Sponsorship Chair
Works with events/programming team to secure funds/trade for upcoming events
Works with those in the community that are looking to partner with SMCBuffalo
SMC Buffalo Digital Scribe
Position Roles & Responsibilities
The Digital Scribe is accountable to the Board of Directors or Members. Through the Board of Directors,
certain duties of the Digital Scribe may be delegated to the Executive Director, Board members and/or
committees as appropriate; however, the accountability for them remains with the Digital Scribe.
Maintains records of the board and ensures effective management of organization’s records
Manages minutes of board meetings and beSOCIAL meetings
Ensures minutes are distributed to member shortly after each meeting.
Work with Membership to get out minutes to the club.
Post beSOCIAL notes on SMC Facebook page and SMC website
Has access to the main website, social media log in information, and the email list