3 simple reasons why you should absolutely attend #Ftour20!

“The network is more powerful than the node” ~Hugh Macleod.

It is that time of the year again. Time for us to gather around a lovely Ftour 2.0, in an enchanting venue, with web professionals and affectionados. This year, we want to explore the Moroccan web Diaspora. We want to delve into that network of networks in which we are all embedded. And that’s why we designed an event that will give each community an opportunity to “connect, discuss and innovate” internally and externally.

Why should you go? Here are 3 simple reasons:

1. Sparkling Conversation: organized in Interest-based circles, the event aims to ignite the sparks of exciting new ideas and discussions. Got something on your mind? It’s time to throw it in the open!

2. Interesting People: Ever met someone In Real Life when you’ve only known them online? If yes, then you know what we mean… else, blurring the lines between virtual and physical is an experience worth living, take it from someone who knows.

3. Beautiful Venue: On the bank of Bouregreg, with a lovely sunset in view.. Need I say more?

So I guess we’ll see you on this year’s #Ftour20, Thursday, 9th August, at the Jet Ski Club, Rabat (see image below), So we can explore, together, the Moroccan web Diaspora, one community at a time!

Until then, Enjoy weaving your networks!

Ftour 2.0 -2nd Edition is a Social Media Club Casablanca event in partnership with Maroc Telecom.