Get Involved: How YOU can support SMC Dallas today

Did you know that Social Media Club of Dallas is run entirely by volunteers? From our board members to check-in helpers, our club wouldn’t exist without the countless unpaid hours that these hardworking professionals put in to make SMC Dallas a success.

Serving the club in a volunteer role has made a huge difference in my life, both personally and professionally. Getting involved has allowed me to strengthen relationships with other active SMC Dallas attendees and board members, better understand how the club operates, and even learn a new skills that I can apply to my job. I’ve also made a lot of new friends with whom I connect with outside of our monthly events!

SMC Dallas volunteers help with everything from sponsorships and programming to check-in at events.

If you’re interested in getting more involved in our club, here is your chance! SMC Dallas is now soliciting volunteers to serve on a variety of committees. Helmed by board members, these committees will work to support various board members in their duties and play an active role in the management and direction of the club. Joining a committee is an exciting way to get more involved and can help you get a foot in the door if you’re interested in serving as a board member in the future.

If you are interested in serving SMC Dallas in a committee member role, please read through the SMC Dallas Committee Descriptions, then apply to serve by completing our Committee Application Form. We are also looking for volunteers to represent SMC Dallas on the Second Annual Jingle Mingle planning committee, specifically an event planning liaison and a sponsorship chair.

Please note that committee position priority will be given to SMC Dallas Ambassadors. To become an annual ambassador, you simply need to pay your dues online!

Committee applications are due Friday, September 21. I look forward to connecting with new, eager volunteers who share my passion for growing our wonderful club!

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