Google+ Mobile App: Party Mode

Guest post by SMC Dallas Google+ coordinator and champion, Scot Duke.

Google+ is rapidly becoming the social space of choice for many, and the G+ Mobile App is making it easier to keep in touch with everyone on G+.

One of the most popular and unique features of Google+, Party Mode ties the desktop and mobile apps together and is associated with Google+ Events.  Attendees can post photos and make comments that post to the G+ Event page.  Posts can be seen both on the smartphone app and desktop.

Scot Duke and Bob Hendershot, SMC Dallas Members using G+ party mode during the January 2013 meeting.

Streaming the Party Mode

More and more event organizers are placing the G+ Event Comment Stream on projectors so everyone attending an event can see the photos and comments that are posted in real time. Streaming the  G+ Party Mode for all to see makes the event far more entertaining than the Twitter streams which gets spammed so frequently.  Plus the G+ Event comment content is searchable making what was posted last long after the event is over.

How It Works

Here are some basics on how G+ Party Mode works:  Confirm you are going to a G+ Event, at the set event starting time Party Mode becomes available on your smartphone. It’s as simple as opening your G+ app at the time of the event and choosing to join the party. Then you can post photos, make comments and follow what others are posting. The photo and comments are immediately posted to the Event Stream and can be viewed by those who say they are going to attend.

Note that Google+ Events also allows people who cannot attend the ability to watch what is going on at the event by viewing the G+ Event Page.

Android vs iPhone

There are some differences in how the G+ Party Mode works on different smartphone operating systems.  The Android is a bit more user friendly than the iPhone app, but both work very well.  Recent updates to both OS have improved the use of the Party Mode feature.  Some of the older phones have difficulty in allowing the user to easily use all of the features of Party Mode.  Many times the difficulties are partly due to the latest update to the Mobile App has not been uploaded.

There are a few more tips on setting up the notifications here: Enable or Disable Party Mode

Now that you have the app set-up, here is a video on how simple it is to us Party Mode on your smartphone: About Party Mode

**See you next week at SMC Dallas’ February meeting, featuring The Most Pinteresting Panel in The World. Have your G+ app ready to go and be sure to seek out Scot Duke if you need any help with Google+ Party Mode!

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