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Millennials and Their Personal Branding

Last month, I wrote a piece about social media and millennials, a generation that I know all too well. This week I have decided to continue on this millennial viewpoint and share with you my thoughts on personal branding.  

As a young adult graduating in the near future, it often seems that the only advice I receive from professors, family members, and friends is to really strength my personal brand.

I often ask myself, “What is my personal brand like? What defines me?”

Forget About Social Media Marketing

Original Bus

At a social media seminar that I took earlier this year, the speaker started off by saying that there is no place for social media marketing.  That certainly got our attention.  Very quickly, I realized what he was really trying to teach us.

Consumers are becoming far more savvy than they have ever been in the past.  According to one report that I saw, only 14% of consumers trust advertising, while 78% trust peer reviews.  I tend to believe them.

5 Visual Tips for Your Blog

Branding |RedBalloon Advertisers |

Blogging for your brand is a great step when it comes to producing and distributing content for your audience to discover, consume and share. 

However, before pumping out all that awesome content, your team needs to determine how that blog will “look and feel” --- how it will ladder up to the brand’s image on other owned sites, how the tone and voice will take shape, and how the blog will look visually to the consumer.

Why ModCloth Has Social Marketing Locked Down

ModCloth is an online women’s retailer that does social marketing right. They source women’s clothing from indie designers and sell them to women all over the world. They are not just good at social marketing--they are “a social-shopping community” that centers itself around its customer.

Here is what they do right:

1. Branding to their Target Audience

ModCloth stands out as a social brand because they have a solid understanding of who their target market is and what they want.

What is their brand? They are cutesy, vintage, retro, sweet, hipster, indie, and feminine. They hire normal-sized, normal-looking women between the ages of 18 and 30. This brand personality helps them stand out to as well as relate to their core target audience.

2. Community Engagement

Cyberbullying: The Dark Side of Social Media

Bully Advance Screening Hosted by Maryland First Lady Katie O'Malley

Like many parts of our lives, there are both good and bad aspects to social media.  Cyberbullying is definitely one of the bad aspects of social media.  Did you know that October is National Bullying Prevention Month? If you didn’t, you’re not alone – most people didn’t know it either.

As bad a bullying is in any form, I’m focusing solely on cyberbullying, for obvious reasons.  I myself was bullied a bit when I was a kid, mostly because I was pretty short until a growth spurt hit me in-between 8th and 9th grades. 

Why to Personalize Your Social Networking

Social media addict.

I unabashedly love social media. I’ve enjoyed being a part of a global community through tweets, status updates and #hashtags. I love the opportunities social media provides for us to connect in meaningful ways. So why do so many people squander the chance to truly connect?

LinkedIn Invitations from Strangers

Interview with Twitter Sales Director

Last spring, I listened to a great Social Media Week panel in DC about search and social. I wrote about it on PR Newswire’s Beyond PR blog.

The panel included Peter Greenberger, Twitter director of sales in Washington, D.C.; Trevor Madigan, formerly of Facebook and founder of The Vision Lab; and Tripp Donnelly, founder and CEO of RepEquity.

I recently reconnected with Greenberger (@pgreenberger) over this discussion and asked him some questions about Twitter and the future of search and social.

Reviewing Social Media Week Chicago

This was my second year attending the weeklong celebration of all things social media. Social Media Week is an annual conference that takes place in several cities around the world. Events are a combination of speeches and panels.

When the week’s schedule was announced, I scanned the events to see what looked most useful to my company and me.

I asked my boss to let me attend them. Luckily, she values learning and told me I could take three days to go to whatever events I thought would be helpful. Some people aren’t as fortunate.

A friend’s boss said, “You don’t need that. Aren’t you already a social media expert?”

TV as Social Playground

I don’t know what’s your actual behavior and consumption of TV, but we can all say there’s probably the biggest revolution since Internet. We used to consider TV as « a whole set, environment of entertainment, emotion and information for the family.

Despite different revolutions like new consumption (VOD, OTT, catchup TV…), new wirings (DSL, DTH, DTT…), new quality (HD, 3D), TV remains a matter of contents. Believe me, as I worked for more than 10 years, in pay TV environments.

Why We Are On the Same Team


A few years ago, I worked at one of the nation’s first purely social media agencies. Our customers relied on us to do all things social, which included blogger outreach, blog strategy and launch tactics, Twitter postings, and investigating the latest and greatest social tools from Radian6 to Ning. The PR agency focused on media outreach, briefing books, and "traditional" pitching and messaging.

There was a clear line between what we did and what they did. Today, it seems all PR agencies do social media and all digital/social media shops do PR. Rather than specialists, we have all become generalists, and the lines between PR and social media continue to be blurred.

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