Social Media Analytics: Crowdbooster and SocialBro

At this week’s Social Media Club of Lawrence meeting, program chairperson Josh Davis gave a presentation about Crowdbooster and SocialBro, two free options for social media analytics.

Here are a few notes about each application.


  • Free, but has a paid option.
  • “Set and forget”: you can set up your accounts and options in Crowdbooster, and even if you don’t log in for months, it will still track your information. Next time you log in, you’ll see current information.
  • You can add three accounts in the free version. Crowdbooster can track both Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • A main feature of Crowdbooster is providing information about the best times for you to tweet, based on the behavior of your audience.
  • Crowdbooster allows you to schedule tweets directly from the dashboard.
  • It’s linked to Klout, and will show you influential users.


  • Free.
  • Will show you the best times to tweet, in a similar “heat map” fashion as Crowdbooster.
  • Your account syncs upon log-in, so you’ll need to log in frequently to keep your account updated.
  • Allows you to export reports to PDF format for free.
  • Uses Peer Index (instead of Klout), a system that monitors and gauges influence.
  • Great for social discovery: you can plug in a city, for example, and change criteria to find other people you might be interested in following. 

Have you used either of these tools? What did you think of them? Are there other analytics tools that you use?