March Event: Network, Learn, Grow

Join Social Media Club Michiana for an Evening of Networking and Learning


Our March 3rd event will focus on growing connections and learning more about how to effectively use social media through an informal Q&A session with SMC Michiana board members. We will also be touching on the new Facebook Pages and answering any questions you may have about the new features.



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What is Social Media Club?
Social Media Club (Worldwide) is organized for the purpose of sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and for promoting media literacy. Our community is made up of diverse groups of people who care about social media and come together to discover, connect, share and learn. As of July 15, 2010, there are 230+ chapters organizing worldwide with several coming online each quarter.

Who runs the Michiana Social Media Club?
SMC Michiana is headed up by a team of marketers, tech geeks and social media enthusiasts in Michiana. It is not “owned” or run by any organization or group of people, and it is fully supported by the Social Media Club organziation as a whole.

What are local chapters?
Local chapters are independent groups founded to support and promote Social Media Club within a certain geographical region (city, state or country) that aim to share our mission as stated above. Chapters exist to further the goals of SMC and do so by engaging in a wide range of activities.

“If you get it, share it.” is more than just a glib catch phrase, it is a way of living and gaining trust within your communities. Help SMC Michiana share the talents and insights present in our community with each other and SMC Worldwide.