Social Media : Best Practice ( Part 2 )

This is in continuation with the first post which I wrote on 19th Feb { http://socialmediaclub.org/chapter/pune/blog/social-media-best-practice}
(there was no intention to continue with the second part but sigh my problem was not solved )
I did receive immediate tweets / messages from the three brands in the question but after the standard message “We will revert to you and look into it “ nothing came up. It was really sad to see that these three brands lost the opportunity to mend the things. They might have thought the complaint caused by a bad experience at their outlet will die its natural death.
Anyways , I can just hope that other brands are not following into their footsteps and know how to close the loop on a customer complaint.
I read something very interesting related to this topic today : ( courtesy: http://bit.ly/10keZs5 )

“The two most important words in business are ‘thank you,’ and ‘I’m sorry.’” Your company simply can’t get far on social media if you’re not grateful or apologetic when it counts.

I think I gave decent two months to CCD, TJs and Westin to close the loop on my complaint! Here,I would like to mention the good experience which I had with Vodafone :
•I sent them a tweet on 9th April which got reply on the same day
•I received a call on 10th April and my issue was sorted out
Its not about how big or small a brand is , its again about the point that if you are present on open networks you need to have the capacity to solve your customer complaints rather than providing lame excuses.

With this,I am closing the loop on this post.