Board Member Profiles: Evin Catlett

Evin Catlett is the VP of Programming for Social Media Club of Salt Lake City, and in her spare time is Social Media Director at Richter7; a full-service advertising agency based in Salt Lake City. Evin is a transplant from New York City, where she worked in the fashion industry and in public relations. After spending 6 years in Manhattan and her whole life in upstate NY, Evin and her husband decided it was time for a change and made the great migration West where a love of skiing and all things outdoors brought them to Utah. At Richter7, Evin focuses on providing clients with social media marketing campaigns designed to integrate closely with their PR, advertising and other marketing efforts. When not working, Evin can usually be found mountain biking, fly fishing, skiing or downing sushi at Takashi (which she firmly believes is the best sushi restaurant she has ever been too, including Nobu and other NYC staples.) Evin graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Individualized Study, focusing on psychology and movement therapy.

Stay tuned for posts from Evin, and follow her on Twitter @evincatlett