Mobile Advertisers Turn to Games, Search and Facebook

The online marketing research firm eMarketer found nearly seven in 10 tablet owners spent at least 1 hour per day using their device, including 38% who spent over 2 hours on it. And while just 28% consider it their primary computer, 77% are spending less time on desktop or laptop PCs since they got a tablet.

The No. 1 tablet activity, according to an April 2011 AdMob survey, was playing games. Searching for information, emailing and reading the news rounded out the top four activities. 

emarketer tablet activities

The more time people spend on tablet computers, the less time they spend on smartphones and desktop computers.

Note: Email remains the backbone of social networks and is still one of the most popular online activities. Even as Facebook becomes an email alternative, it still requires an email address to sign up.

So, what does this mean for your business? 

1. Mobile is now. Searching for information is second only to gaming. Is your site mobile ready?

2. Email is the most common way to share online information. Are you emailing customers regularly with news and events? (Notice how 61% use tablets to “read the news.”)

3. 56% of tablet owners use social networks. Do you have a social strategy? Are you providing compelling content that attracts qualified customers to your website? Are you converting that traffic to sales/donations/support and repeat visits?

How is mobile affecting your business? Write your answer in the Comments section below.