RoundUp: Password Security & Mobile Advertising

Password Reset

It bears reminding, but that password you use for everything – that’s a bad idea. Mat Honan writes for Wired and explains how a hacker ruined his life and online identity (imagine what a breach would do to your business). He then goes on to explain how “with two minutes and $4 to spend at a sketchy foreign website” he learned to hack into most Average Joe / Jane accounts, taking over social media, bank services and subscriptions. Jolting stuff. About time for that security review…

Interested in Mobile Advertising?

GigaOm has a good article with lots of contextual links, fact & figures and insight from 2011-2012. As we reported, mobile usage (smartphones and tablets) have hit the 50% mark within the adult population of America – in fact, after the holidays, we’ll be past it. The takeaways:

  • Search advertising remains the category winner, bringing in half of all mobile ad spends. Worth noting: the way people search on mobile is very specific and intent-driven.
  • Rich media and video ads, when clicked on, results in lengthy interaction rates. The average click-through rate, however, was not mentioned.
  • Banner ads on the decline.
  • Location-based advertising (geo-caching) on the rise.
  • Native advertising also a promising sector – this entails in-stream tie-ins with apps like Facebook and Golf Joust (shameless plug – we’d be a great fit for our friends catering to business professionals and the typical golf demographic)

More Mobile, But Think Cross-Platform

Drawbridge just raised a $6.5 million dollar Series A round to help spur the company’s growth. Drawbridge offers two products that help companies and brands connect wherever. More and more websites are responsive, designed to fit the device. But what about advertising? As Hamish over at PandoDaily explains, other companies are trying to solve these sorts of problems – including Google.

Are you?
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