SEO Basics

Google’s (King of Search Engines) 3 step process of SEO:
1. Google must first FIND your content
2. After CRAWLING your site, they INDEX the pages (Crawling = “following all those links
on your site from one page to the next.”)
3. And ultimately RANK them within the greater index

Foundation to SEO Basics:

Title tag should be between 60-70 characters, relevant to site, and no stop
words (example: MO instead of Missouri).
Meta Description Tag should be between 60-149 characters and relevant.
Meta Keywords Tag should be between 4-8 keywords/keyphrases and

Internal links: Use unique URLs instead of repeating the same ones
throughout the site.
External links: The more external links to your site the better. Use social
media for this as well.
Anchor links: Hyperlinks improve findability and give context to links.

Heading and Phrase Elements:
They are given more weight by search engines than regular body copy.
<H1>…<H6>, Strong tag, B-tag, em-tag….

ALT Attributes
Do not participate in “keyword stuffing”. Alt Attributes are for very short
description information about that image.


Content is the most important part of SEO.

Social Media Club of SGF


URL structure – Have the proper breadcrumbs. (socialmediaclub.org/chapters/

Have a sitemap – It “feeds” search engines. It alerts Google, etc of new, updated
contexts. It also improves findability and crawling, but doesn’t affect rankings.

Do not Duplicate Your Content!!! Google will think you’re manipulating the algorithm.

Link Build – (examples: guest posting, directory submissions, social media, blogger
reviews, press releases)

Keywords should be in URL, page headings {H1…H2…}, Image filenames, Image alt
attributes, and body text.

Remove all Flash. It blocks Search Engine access.

Google ranks pages, not websites so don’t bury pages. Have a good navigational
structure or hierarchy. K.I.S.S.

Improve your speed (bad code, flash, poorly optimized images)

Clean up your code: HTML and CSS validator at W3C (http://validator.w3.org/)

Secret Ingredient: Content Marketing