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Kate-Madonna Hines is a a pint-sized person with a tremendous personality. If you have had the good fortune to meet her, you know just what I mean! On February 23, the Social Media Club and SIFE hosted a community event at Drury University entitled “Social Media Branding: Are You Putting Your Best Foot Forward.” Kate-Madonna was the key-note speaker and shared her insights with us via a Google+ Hangout.

Kate-Madonna gave personal branding tips on each of the three most popular social media platforms, and we want to pass that information along to you! “Our brand is not what we say it is. Its how people view us.”

Social media gives you a platform for branding yourself online, and Kate-Madonna deems it like a potluck. When you’re invited to a potluck dinner, you bring your best and most fabulous dish, and chances are you’re going to be invited back. People remember that signature dish. Social media is the same in that you give more than you take.

LinkedIn:  The Office
If you thought you were finished with LinkedIn when you finally got your profile up to 100%, you are wrong. It’s just as much of a social platform as Facebook and Twitter. A complete profile is only good for getting found in searches. You can’t sit and wait for people to find you, though. You’ve got to attract them through engagement. For optimum reach, log in and participate in conversation three to five times a week.
    Three Tips for LinkedIn:

1. The best, yet most underused part of LinkedIn?…Recommendations.

80% of recruiters prefer people with recommendations
The HR department may not be able to give you a recommendation (legally) Instead, you have to build network that you trust and would recommend you.
Ask for a recommendation every week until you reach three
2. LinkedIn Answers…Someone is looking for an answer you have!
Find Answers under the “More Tab”
Wow them with your answer, audition and show your strength
Prove your knowledge before they pick up phone
3. Groups are Underutilized
Pollenate with groups
Join groups for what people want to hire you for
Five is the magic number for groups. You can join up to 50, but it is overwhelming

Twitter: The Water Cooler
Want to develop real-life connections through your social spaces? Twitter is one of the fastest ways to do it! Three tips for using Twitter to brand yourself:
1. Tweet before following anyone. Provide value & prove yourself
2. Don’t make a private twitter account – What’s the point. Only do so if your safety is in danger
3. Do the yell test. If you can’t shout it in the middle of the street, don’t tweet it. Tweets are forever.

Facebook: The Bar
Everyone has it. Everyone uses it. Make sure you’re making the most of your profile!
1. Add Branchout! It’s a free networking app that can help with job searching
2. Adjust your Privacy settings
Fact: Facebook is going public, selling its stocks. Don’t let them sell you!
The new timeline is a study in human behavior, and Facebook can tell you when you’ll marry before you know
Login…Access the down arrow by your name and select Account Settings, then Facebook ads
Two settings…ads by third party…don’t allow. Ads and friends
Security from act. Settings, secure browsing enabled
Recognized devices and settings. Phone, computer. Look to see you’re the only one logged in
Privacy settings – Make available to Friends only, no tagging without approval,
3. Fan pages
Integrate all online presences & use them in correlation…Use Hootsuite to cut down on time.
Ask question specific to encourage feedback on story.
Give your audience a voice. Ask, don’t tell: “Did this quote speak to you?” Tell them to “like” your posts
Use Evite or Eventbright link to Facebook instead of Facebook events. Use a different bit.ly link for each platform to track click-throughs and show what’s working. Invite people to share and discuss on the Facebook Page after the event.
Post a video or post of the week. Make something for them to look forward to. Customer of week…
Facebook is great for nonprofits. Use Gift.org and embed it to your page. One group saw 25 percent of their donations from social media!
The more you post about business, the more turned off your followers will be. Instead, empower, educate, interact!

Give value.
Make yourself a source first.

Other Social Media Branding Tips:

Search Yourself!
Listorious. Biggest secret ever…key word search
Visibility.me & spokeo.com – find out what you look like online
Google isn’t the only search engine. Don”t underestimate the power of Bing and Yahoo.

Where to start with branding
Act like you’re doing a report and answer the 4 Ws: Who, what, where & why
Who am I?
What do I offer that no one else does?
What do I want to bring online?
Wher am I and what location do I serve?
When can you start (for job seekers)?
Always remember why you’re there – What’s your passion?
Our brand is not authentic unless we prove who we are.
Be professional, but not perfect. Our idiosyncrasies attract people to us.


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