Social Media Club Ulaanbaatar ,First monthly event

Social Media Club connects media makers from around the world to promote media literacy, industry standards, ethical behavior and to share the lessons they have learned. Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells started Social Media Club (SMC) in March 2006 and the community enables you explore your personal and professional passions by helping you connect with a community of your peers based on both geography and areas of interest.



Our Tag Line: If you get it, share it

Our Mission: Expand digital media literacy, promote standard technologies, encourage ethical behavior and share best practices.

We bring together journalists, publishers, communications professionals, artists, amateur media creators, citizen journalists, teachers, students, tool makers, and other interested collaborators. We are more than just USERS, we are the reason the tools exist – we are the people who communicate our thoughts and ideas near and far.


There are 300+ chapters in existence today. Social Media Club Ulaanbaatar chapter was established in 2011 where innovators from Mongolia will meet for monthly events to share, engage and collaborate with the community on the issues of social media and technology. As the leadership board of Social Media Club Ulaanbaatar chapter, Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan, the founder and president of The New Media Group, Tuguldur Turbat, CMO and VP at The New Media Marketing Agency and Chuluuntsetseg Nyamdorj, Content Manager at The New Media Group have established and launched the chapter on May 2011.


Social Media Club Ulaanbaatar chapter has organized its first meeting on October 10, 2011 at Mongolian Secret History restaurant. In the first meeting, around 70 people who are interested in social media were participated and shared experience with each other. During the meeting five speakers gave short speeches, including:


“Why Social Media?” -Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan, The founder and president of The New Media Group
“How to Make 13000 Users Join in a Facebook Page” -Bayarsaikhan, Founder of Mongolian Young Programmers Association
“The Psychology of Social Media” -Indra, Editor at “Psychological Education” magazine
“Our New Dream – The Advantages of Social Media” -Batsaikhan, Specialist at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
“Why Dignity Matters” -Lkhagva,  Assistant of Vice Minister of Finance


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Source : http://thenewmediagroup.co/#!/social-media-club-ulaanbaatar