Chapter Management

Are you interested in launching Social Media Club in your local city? Need a little help growing your existing chapter? On the hunt for interesting topics?

Join our monthly Google+ Hangouts where we discuss topics related to running a chapter, including:

  • What is needed to successfully launch a chapter
  • How to develop awareness campaigns
  • How to build a team
  • How a board works
  • The purpose and value of bylaws
  • Securing sponsorships, and more.

Dates and times vary in order to accommodate members in different time zones.

For access to these Hangouts, complete the SMC Chapter Leadership form and select “yes” to be added Hangouts. To learn what is required to start a new chapter, read Start a Chapter.

Chapter Management Resources

All new Chapters will be required to sign the Community Chapter Agreement and forward to a Chapter Management Director. You will want to be sure to review our Professional Code of Conduct before starting your new Chapter. New Chapter leadership members are required to complete the online SMC Chapter Leadership form. All Official Chapters are required to create their own bylaws and submit them to Chapter Management for approval. Bylaws establish chapter structure, roles and responsibilities, and govern how a chapter’s business functions should take place. You can review the complete guide to starting and operating a SMC Chapter here.

Logos and Standards

If you would like the .eps of the SMC logo, please contact Golden Ashby. Local Chapters may customize the logo to suit the ‘vibe’ of its local community. We ask that you not stray too far away from the initial design, and keep the main colors of the logo in green/yellow/white. Be sure to take a look at our SMC Style Guide for more details.