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Fresno, California

Creating video for the web - Storytelling and creation tips

Watch a video of the full event on Vimeo

The focus of tonight’s meeting was to explore storytelling via video on the web. Our panelists were Travis Sheridan of CVBI, Bryan Harley and Roque Rodruigeuz of The Dum Drum and Enrique Meza of The No Network.

Speed Networking Wrapup

I'm a little late with this post, but given that I forgot to post a summary from the last event this is a win. We decided to mix things up a little this meeting and invite Beth Bridges, self proclaimed Chief Networking Officer of the Clovis Chamber of Commerce, to run a speed networking event.

Our goals have been to try and bring local people together to learn and connect offline as well as online and we see a great opportunity in partnering with local organizations to share knowledge and create connections.

The Future of Social Media and Education-Intern Wrap Up Summary

Hello again everybody! I'm back to share with you, my experience at last week's Social Media Club's FIRST event!!

So our job as interns for Social Media Club was to create flyers and send them out to businessmen and women and educators around the city. After we had completed our task, all that was left to do was wait for the event to come, and boy were we surprised. Our mentors and leaders of the Fresno Chapter’s Social Media Club, Nick Gundry and Lisa Alvey, had expected a turnout of about fifty people. To our surprise only about ten people attended, and though the number of people who attended were low, the impact of the event was very high.

The guest speakers for the event included Realtor Jason Farris, Enterprise Growth Specialist Bradley Fitzhenry, Assistant Professor of Mass communication and Journalism from California State University Susan Sivek, ACEL High School Principal and Fresno Unified School District Administrator Dave Childers, and our very own intern and CART student Isaac Alejandrez. Each guest speaker was extremely helpful and clear as to what social media in education’s advantages and disadvantages were. Along with sharing some aspects of social media in education, they also shared some of their own experiences with social media in their own business, as well as in their own personal lives.

As someone who is fairly new to the social media club concept, attending this event has given me a clear understanding of what the club represents. Listening to the guest speakers and members of the audience discuss social media in education, or just social media altogether, has opened my eyes to the wonders of social media. And silly ol’ me just thought social media was promoting your business through Facebook and Twitter, little did I know, I was soo wrong.

In the end, the event was very successful and extremely informational. For events to come, our mentors have high hopes of more people attending and us interns send our best wishes for success and high attendance. So to all you social media club fans be sure to keep your eyes open for the events to come and be sure to stop and see what’s up!

To view upcoming events, be sure to check the Social Media Club Facebook page for posted events. And don’t be shy, voice your opinion and join the discussion! Also, if you’d like to view the video of Fresno’s last week’s FIRST SOCIAL MEDIA CLUB EVENT, click the link below and enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget to comment!

The Future of Social Media and Education - Event Wrapup

Tonight was Social Media Club, Fresno first "real" event. Sure we hosted Twestival last month but this is our first foray into bringing together local people to discuss how social media is impacting the Fresno community. The topic tonight was the future of education and social media.

(Watch the recorded stream)

The event was organized with the help of students from CART school as part of an internship. We had an opportunity to get students involved from the start so they have been operating our Twitter and Facebook accounts, designing flyers and connecting with local businesses and educators to promote the event.

It was a great night with some amazing insights from our panelists. Our panel was a balanced line up including two business professionals and two educators with a cameo role from one of the student interns to share his experience.

There was significant discussion regarding the issues that schools face in regards to blocking access to certain sites. It was great to hear that Dave Childers, principal at ACEL Charter High School has decided to allow free unrestricted access to the internet. Dave pointed out that we need to focus on preventing access to objectionable content rather than blocking access to web sites. Dave likened social media education to sex education, if we don’t educate students in the best practice they are going to explore anyway. Educators need to be part of the conversation, be a mentor and guide students.

It was clear from the discussion of the need to start educating students at a young age to develop the skills that will enable them to communicate effectively to enhance their ability to stand out in the job market. We were lucky to have the insights of Bradley Fitzhenry who indicated that the expectations of the business world on new graduates. Bradley talked about how we often focus on what students should NOT do online rather than promoting what they can do online. Bradley suggested that students should use social media to leave a social footprint of the good they do. Activities, achievements and positive impacts are a great way for a student to stand out to potential employers.

Jason Farris shared some amazing tips on tools to use in the classroom and how he uses them in his business. A great tip was not to Google someone but to SocialMention them. Jason shared tips on how he uses tools like and facebook groups to filter and find the right conversation.
Professor Sivek from CSU Fresno shared how she requires students to think critically about the information they share and the tools they use to ensure that students can learn effectively to prepare them for the real world. She also shared the number of tools that she uses in her classroom to enable students to learn more effectively.

It was a great night, but the best quote of the evening was not from the panel or the audience. As we were wrapping up the evening one of the students who helped organize the event said to me “I really enjoyed the discussion, I didn’t think it was going to be that interesting”. Let’s hope we just lit a fire in a future leader. 

Watch the recorded stream

The Future of Social Media and Education

Hey Everybody! Leslie here, to share with you what’s been going on with the Social Media Club. I am a student from the Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART), a vocational learning facility focused on educating high school juniors and seniors from all school districts who aspire to achieve more than just the average education. I am in the Marketing and Advertising Lab where we participate in internships to further our learning and gain some experience in the professional work world.

I am interning with Fresno Pacific University and the Social Media Club where we are planning an event called “ The Future of Social Media and Education.” The event is all about promoting social media to educators and business men and women all around the city to show them how social media can change the way we learn and operate our businesses. The event will feature a couple of guest speakers, who have experienced social media in their profession, come and share with us and the community, their experience with social media and how it has benefitted them. Anybody is welcome to come and check it out at CART (Center for Advanced Research and Technology) on Shaw and Clovis Ave, right behind the Sierra Vista Mall, beginning at 6:30 p.m., ending at 8:30 p.m. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you all there!

Now, as for the internship, my four other group members and I are having loads of fun with helping out the Social Media Club. We are creating flyers, organizing the event, and learning about social media as we go along. In participating in this internship, we have all been working with social media and have actually been able to witness how beneficial social media can be.

Until next time everybody,

Leslie Chavarria

Fresno Pacific University and Social Media Club Intern

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