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Slides from "Enabling Internal Social Communities"

A couple of weeks ago, I opened a talk for the Isle of Man Social Media Club entitled Enabling Social Media for Internal Communities. The speaker was Mr Chris Gledhill from PDMS who gave a talk about an off-the-self collaboration package called Microsoft Sharepoint and presented a case study around his organisation’s use of the product.

Here are the slides from the presentation:

Enabling internal social communities

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The Isle of Man Social Media Club meets the third Thursday of each month and everyone is welcome. With 24 June comes Super Third Thursday and the focus is enabling internal social communities.

Companies that embrace social media give employees the tools they need to collaborate, communicate and innovate across organisational lines, geographic locations and time zones. There are plenty of benefits:

* more productivity
* better collaboration and communication
* innovation boost
* decreased IT costs
* easier knowledge management
* improved product development cycles
* increased profits
* improved efficiencies

Our speaker is Chris Gledhill, managing director of PDMS, the Isle of Man’s largest software developer. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, PDMS has experience in helping organisations implement intranets and portals to aid internal collaboration using SharePoint and other technologies. He will present a case study based on PDMS’s own experiences of using social media and internal collaboration technologies to share information, exchange ideas and improve communication.

In addition, yours truly, Sherrilynne Starkie will give a brief overview on using other social platforms like chat, wikis, blogs, podcasts, and Facebook to fuel internal communications excellence.

The Social Media Club has chapters in more than 170 cities around the world and brings together journalists, publishers, communications professionals, artists, amateur media creators, citizen journalists, teachers, students, tool makers, and other interested collaborators, basically anyone using or impacted by the social internet. Our motto is ‘if you get it; share it’ and our mission is to advance media literacy, promote industry standards, encourage ethical behaviour and share the lessons learned.

It all happens on 24 June, 2010 at 12.30 at The Hilton in Douglas. A finger buffet will be served.

Super Third Thursday is sponsored by PDMS and so it’s free to attend, but space is limited so book early by email smc(a)

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Big Changes for the Social Media Club

The idea of having a social media club sprang up in 2006 in Silicon Valley and the concept spread quickly all around the world with groups of folks interested in the social internet getting together to share knowledge, experience and best practice under the motto: “if you get it, share it”.

We formed the Isle of Man Social Media Club (SMC) in early 2008 and have met on the Third Thursday of each month ever since (with one exception: the week that OwenC and I were both tied up with family issues). Sometimes, usually at Super Third Thursdays, we can get up to 50 people turning up.

Last week, SMC founders Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells hosted an open discussion with more than 50 local leaders from around the globe about upcoming changes to the organisation, and the programmes and events slated, and I was on the call eager to hear the news.

It seems that having existed for years as an adhoc network of informal groups, the SMC HQ is getting organised. That means introducing a formal structure and hiring staff so that it can continue to grow and reach some important goals.

The main objective is to better tap into this great network of resources and facilitate knowledge sharing across chapters. Part of this will be to provide training courses and materials for use by the local chapters.

So how is this being taken forward? The parent organisation, Social Media Club Inc., is in the process of filing the non-profit designation of a 501c6 – member owned club and expect to receive designation within next couple of months.

All US based SMC chapters will operate under the Social Media Club, Inc. umbrella and HQ will set up International hubs to support our chapters outside of the US.

What does this mean for the Isle of Man Social Media Club?

In the near-term we get access to the new SMC website launched to help bring the global community together (some bugs still to be worked out). The idea is to have one place to find information on the parent company as well as other SMC chapters and to assist members in connecting with one another.

Website features include:

* aggregated group blogs
* Social Media Observer and Social Media Journal ezines to facilitate chapter info sharing.
* chapter and member directories
* events diary
* speakers directory
* job listings

A longer term outcome for Isle of Man SMC may be in becoming an ‘official’ chapter. This would mean complying with organisational bylaws, access to deeper support (sponsorships, acocunting help, etc) and sharing revenues share with HQ.

To become an ‘official’ chapter the Isle of Man must have 10 professional members and adhere to .org bylaws. Professional memberships are US $100 per member and the $1,000 collected covers administration expenses for filing fees, bank accounts, book keeping, etc. For members 11 and more, there will be a tiered system that provides our chapter with a set percentage of the memberships dues.

But becoming an official chapter is still just an option Isle of Man SMC might pursue in the future. We discussed this on Third Thursday last week with three key outcomes:

* Firstly, we agree that putting a formal structure and global organisation of the SMC is a great idea and there are lots of benefits to be had.
* However, we think the Isle of Man just might be too small to be able to maintain official status. We’ve agreed to stay engaged in the process as long as we can and see what the future holds.
* In the meantime, we encourage everyone to sign up to the SMC under the Open (FREE) membership at least, and promise to keep reporting news and progress.

Click here to listen to a recording of the conference call.

Welcome to the Isle of Man Chapter

Welcome to the Isle of Man Chapter of the Social Media Club. We're a small island community in the Irish Sea with a strong community culture. This makes us no strangers to social networks and this online phenomenon is but an extention to the way we interact locally with one another.

If you've never had the opportunity to visit the Isle of Man you can learn more about us at Visit Isle of Man. Do drop us a line if you're heading this way, we have a warm welcome awaiting you.

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