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New York, NY

Internet Week events coming up

SMCNYC is not having any specific events during Internet Week, but we'd like to support other groups holding their events. 

First, Sobel Media has asked us to invite all SMCNYC members to: 


Using the Tools of Social Media To Make You Irresistible


andrea and ellis cu

Andrea Syrtash & Ellis Henican

Andrea is a Relationship Expert, columnist for and best-selling author of "He's Just Not Your Type (and that's a good thing)" and Ellis is a Commentator at Fox News Channel, columnist for Newsday and co-author of "Home Team" with Sean Payton. To RSVP:,, NPR, and the top newsstand titles turn to Andrea Syrtash for her wisdom on dating, relationships, and living well. Andrea’s advises that successful relationships spring from a solid understanding of your own values, personal goals and unique point-of-view. She’s also applied these principles to the fast-paced expansion of her personal brand in the digital space, gaining visibility that’s generated sponsorships and speaking engagements with Esprit, WebMD, Estee Lauder and VirginMobile.

Whether you’re looking for a new job opportunity or planning to launch your own entrepreneurial empire, this evening with Andrea and award-winning journalist Ellis Hennican will give you inspiration and practical insights on successful personal branding and social media strategies. Join us during Internet Week New York as Andrea concludes the tour for her latest acclaimed book, “He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s a Good Thing),” published by Rodale. 

The Event is $25 and includes a copy of Andrea's book. 

More events coming soon. 

May 18 SMC NYC Meeting Wrapup


May 18 Social Media Club New York members gathered at the Healthcare Consultancy Group offices New York at the generous invitation of Augustin Fou for a timely discussion about the controversial changes social network industry leaders, especially Facebook, are making to privacy policies and what are the implications.

Speakers Caroline McCarthy from CNET and Samir Balwani from Morpheus Media contributed their industry insights and led a thoughtprovoking wide ranging look at the issues against a backdrop of Diaspora raising approaching $200k through to create a "privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network".

SMC New York chair Howard Greenstein opened the discussion pointing that out "everybody's part of the discussion and everybody gives permission". Topics ranged from the industry intersections, (for example Microsoft's investment in Facebook and the implications for Microsoft Docs now in closed beta), through the practicalities of privacy and geolocation services like FourSquare and Gowalla to actions companies should be taking with privacy policies to keep current. Attendees also shared ways they are acting to protect their privacy from reducing use of Facebook and number of friends to deleting cookies and using sites like Reclaim We're still working on our full blog post about this event on Facebook, Twitter, Privacy and the Social Web.  Thanks again to our guests, Caroline McCarthy from CNET and Samir Balwani from Morpheus Media. 

Pending our blog post, we have some great material for those who missed the meeting.


Thanks to Dean Meyers, here is a full Video Recap of the entire meeting, broken into 3 pieces. Additionally, Dean provided visual notetaking of the event. 

 Visual Notes Page 1



Page 2

Visual Notes, SMCNYC Meeting



Social Media Club New York - May 18, 2010 - Part 1 from Dean Meyers on Vimeo.

Part 2:

Social Media Club New York City - May 18, 2010 - Part 2 from Dean Meyers on Vimeo.


Social Media Club 5/18/10 part 3 on Blip.TV

Social Media Storytelling - 12 week e-course

Hey ya'll - I'm leading a 12-week e-course starting May 20th called Social Media Jedi. Its takes a storytelling approach to using social media in a more mindful and purposeful manner. 

More details are at -

The truth is, most of us are conflicted about Social Media. You know it’s a total game-changer. Something tells you that you should be getting in on the party. And yet, your initial impressions and forays into social media leave you overwhelmed, disgusted, and frankly, just a little bit freaked out.

Rightfully so, we’re all afraid of becoming that social media douchebag. You know, that obnoxious person that’s loud, annoying and bothers people with irrelevant nonsense. That person that tells us what they had for breakfast or what color underwear they’re wearing that day. We all know that guy or girl, and it leaves us either mortified or just plain annoyed. Nobody is that self-important, right?

It’s a reasonable concern. For many of us, we’re afraid that if we embrace social media, we’re going to turn into crackberry jerks that no longer know how to interact with people in a meaningful way. It’s only natural to fear “getting sucked in.” We all have friends who suffer from “twitter attention deficit.” They can’t focus their attention for more than 140 seconds before they need to get another social media fix. Is this stuff really worth all the hype and sacrifice?

Social media is like relationship technology. From a storyteller's perspective, you can use social media to brand your thought leadership, map your world, and increase your sphere of relations. I'm here to help people navigate through the Social Media maze with this next course in my Story University series:

Social Media Jedi Training:
12-week Interactive E-Course on Storytelling, Personal Branding, and Finding Your True Voice Online

Use coupon code "JEDI15" for a $15 instant discount.


TechCrunch to hold first NYC Event May 24-26

From my sources at TechCrunch: (UPDATE- See BOTTOM of post for discount)

TechCrunch Disrupt is our inaugural New York conference and competition-we'll assemble the best minds in the industry to debate and showcase the latest technology innovations in two distinct programs: Media + Technology Program and Startup Battlefield. Mornings host our editorial agenda and
debate the latest disruptions in media and technology. Afternoon sessions will feature a select group of startups in a tournament-style launch competition to demonstrate their technology, business and marketing disruptions.

There's a lot more. You can find additional information on the agenda/format at

The registration site is here: Early bird ticket price is $1995 and expires on April 30.

Stay tuned - we'll see if we can get more deals on conferences.

UPDATE: Wow, TechCrunch has given us a significant discount offer: or use promo code "nycentrepreneursaredisruptive" on our ticketing page for $500 off the price, till April 30th. 

Thanks to the TC team for this deal for SMCNYC folks 

SMC Members invited to Hagel and Seely Brown Book Launch

You are cordially invited to a book launch event, hosted by John Hagel and
John Seely Brown, celebrating the formal release of The Power of Pull: How
Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion (also written with
Lang Davison), which will be published by Basic Books on April 13th.

The event will be on Monday evening, April 12 from 6 - 8:30pm at The Times
Center at 242 W. 41st Street. John Heilemann will be interviewing the two
co-authors and they'll be having a reception for an interesting group of

Please RSVP to the invite by contacting Gina Battisto at or 408-704-4004. Due to space constraints, they can
only accommodate the first 75 people who RSVP.

Whether or not you can make it to this first event, everyone is invited to a
later edge party organized by the co-authors and co-hosted by Jack Hidary,
Doug Rushkoff and Clay Shirky.

This second event will be a very casual event - an opportunity to re-connect
with old friends and connect with new ones. We have rented out a great club,
the Slate, in the east Chelsea/west Flatiron area of Manhattan (54 West 21st
Street) from 10pm to 1am. There'll be surfing videos, music, drinks and
great conversation among a really interesting group of people. We hope to
see you there. Please feel free to bring any friends. If you are planning to
come, please RSVP at

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