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Sunday Signup – Riverside Community Revitalization Project

Riverside Community Revival Project - 5-22-11

By Matt Carlucci, Chairman of the Board, B_Team Buffalo

Welcome to the second edition of The B_Team’s “Sunday Signup.” It is with great pride that we use this opportunity to announce a joint venture between The B_Team and HandsOn Greater Buffalo – the Riverside Community Revitalization Project.

On June 18th, with your help, The B_Team and HandsOn Greater Buffalo will help to convert the Ontario Street United Methodist Church in Riverside into a valuable community asset for local residents. When completed, this nearly-closed church will serve as a soup kitchen, after-school program location, and community learning center for all Riverside neighbors. In addition, a community garden will be planted, a wheelchair ramp will be built, and some other general improvements will be made. Overall, this project will leave this area with a new beacon of hope for the future. This is a great chance to really see what groups like The B_Team are all about as some good, old-fashioned hard work can turn a once-dying local landmark into a revitalized and re-imagined neighborhood gathering place.

Like many of our projects, volunteers are the key to making The Riverside Community Revitalization a success. The more people we have with a paintbrush or a broom in their hands, the faster we can create a lasting impression on a neighborhood in need of a catalyst for change. The work will consist of painting, cleaning, and some basic landscaping. All ages and abilities are welcome to assist. Each volunteer will be treated to a Buffalo style “rain or shine” barbeque, refreshments, and, of course, a free T-shirt.

If you are unable to assist as a volunteer, please also consider attending a project fundraiser to be held on Friday, June 3rd, at the church. The fundraiser will run from 6:00-9:00pm and will include non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, music, raffles, and some good conversation about the future. A $5 donation gets you in the door. If you would like to donate a raffle prize, please contact Liz Callahan at laz-at-bteambuffalo.com.

Here’s the rundown:

June 18th, B_Team Buffalo and HandsOn Greater Buffalo present the Riverside Community Revitalization Project.

What can YOU do?

  1. Go to www.bteambuffalo.com/volunteer.html for details or to sign up as a volunteer.
  2. Attend the fundraiser on June 3rd from 6:00-9:00pm at the church. Map here.
  3. Tell your friends about it too. The only thing better than volunteering is volunteering with friends.

The B_Team reminds you to “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Check us out athttp://www.bteambuffalo.com/ or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bteambuffalo.

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