Skagit’s Club Next Phase

Hello Skagit Valley!  We are progressing slowly but surely!  Thanks to a few folks who are doing some great outreach.

We are stepping into our next phase and will be planning our first meet-up soon. We sure could use your input and talents. Volunteer to help put this together. Contact me at smcskagit [at] gmail dot com. Help spread the word too, contact your friends, collogues or local businesses. Be sure to share with them our Social Media Club Skagit Chapter link. Our other social media links are on the right. As we get closer to launching our first meet-up more information will become available.  A recent post on the power of social media and how it recently helped a couple of small business in our rural valley is worth a read. Social Media Eats Skagit Valley

 Come, be a part of this exciting and fun adventure. Who knows, you just might make some new friends and connections!