Creating a social media policy for business – what, how and when?

As more and more businesses immerse themselves in social media, the need for a company-wide social media policy becomes more and more apparent. Because social media impacts so many areas of a business including marketing, customer service and human relations to name some more obvious examples, creating a policy can present some unique challenges for businesses. Whether […]

Why Would You Attend a Social Media Club Hawaii Meeting In Person?

Ever feel like you just need to vent? Or maybe talk through an idea with someone you trust, or even someone new? I know. We’ve all been there. In fact, the more time we spend in front of our computers, even being social on Twitter or Facebook or now..Google+, the more we really need it. […]

SMCHI Elects Formal Board Members

Since starting in Hawaii in 2008, Social Media Club Hawaii (SMCHI) has been loosely organized by a group of committed volunteers who organized events, kept the website updated and stayed current with the various social media outposts. SMCHI grew both in local awareness and in its offerings under this formula and today, SMCHI is one […]

Curious about using video for business?

You already know there are lots of ways to create content, but chances are you’ve not tried video. Maybe your afraid of the technical aspects. Maybe you’re shy. Maybe you think its got to be perfectly produced and polished. Steve Garfield has some pretty heavy production chops, but his new book Get Seen (not an […]

Too much information

While social media makes it easy to connect with people you know, it also makes it easier to connect with people you don’t really know — and makes it easier to unintentionally share too much damaging personal information with them. Exposed Think back to fourth grade. While the teacher’s back was towards you, were you […]

SMCHI Grows Up and Out

Well, its official: Social Media Club of Hawaii (SMCHI) has finally attained (through its parent organization) 501c3 status. Anyone who has ever been to a free SMCHI event (and they are all free) can attest to the fact that SMCHI has always been a non-for-profit organization, but the new status makes it official.  Along with […]

Social Media, Tsunamis, and Crisis Management

We’ve made a late change in our agenda! Our March meeting will address the recent tsunami in Hawaii. While the experience is still fresh with us all, we want to hear from the experts and from you! Think of this as real life intelligence gathering, so we can go back to our organizations with better […]

November 9: Building a Social Media Strategy

For our November, 2010 program, we will dive deeper into the age old question: “How?!” With over 91 million web pages dedicated to telling the world about social media, we’re pulling in local experts to give us their insights on developing a social media strategy relevant to the Hawaii market. Many times, the focus is […]

August 10: For Social Media Professionals Only

Our monthly gathering is Tuesday, August 10, 6 p.m. at ING DIRECT Cafe! We’ll be upstairs in the Ali?i Board Room It hurts a little to type out this title, but this meeting is to reach out to and support those who are in the business of providing social media services. We are upgrading our […]

May 14, 2010 at Social Media Club Hawaii

Our monthly gathering is Friday, May 14, 6 p.m. at ING DIRECT Cafe! Our topic is using social media in the financial services industry. Featured Presentation: Frank Hamm Frank Hamm Our featured presentation is on the current state and trends in Social Media in Europe focused specifically on Germany.   We will gain an insight on […]