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 [This profile first published in December 2010 - And had a significant update July 2011 -And in September 2012 is in the process of full revision since the below has been hopelessly outdated - in short, Stay Tuned!] A Contextually Adapted Bio to the Social Media Club Global Community Building  Hello! Glad you could make it here. My assignments within the SMC Community are three: I am the co-founder and Programming Director of Social Media Club Östergötland, the first formally affiliated SMC Chapter in Sweden established Spring 2009. I am also a part of the eight-headed Board of Directors (one of the three original founding members alike) of building up Social Media Club - Chapter Support Association - Sweden (Facebook | Twitter | Web). We constituted the association in December 2009 - and beyond the Interim "Beta" period where we extended the Interim Board in two rounds, now is in 1.0 since May 2011 when it had its first regular, national board meeting. In the board, my formal function is Secretary, and I am also focusing Community Mobilizing, Building, Development and Sustaining Issues. I am also a part of Social Media Club Editorial Team within the SMC Global organizational context, since December 2010 - in the "atypical industry association" we're all a part of co-creating. All the above continues to fill my passionate spirit with excitement! Where my first and foremost love is to build communities that creates a better world. SMC is one of those communities. Period.  Mapping The Bigger Picture [THIS SECTION IS IN PROCESS OF THE GREATEST REVISION - IT'S OUTDATED - HERE WILL FOLLOW A SYNOPSIS OF THE EDITORIAL WORK FOR SMC EDITORIAL TEAM 2012] My current core focuses - within the vast, endless array of topics related to the ever widening machinery, social phenomenon and part of the ecosystem we call the "Social Web" - are:  Digital Participation / Media Literacy / Social Web Inclusion - access/physical, technical/knowledge and insight/social aspects of this profound societal transformation we're currently going through, and how to help people(s), businesses and organizations left behind to overcome barriers and bridge the divides in order to become a deep part of the flow - in our one and only world Mobility / Location Based Services / Augmented Reality - with the mobile interface to the web through a gadget near you, we're always "there" (whatever that means!) - when, where, with whom and how we want, and enhances our experience of "being in the flow", in the real as well as the "virtual" world - where the experienced interface in between these two "worlds" increasingly gets seamless - one world is enough, isn't it? "From Structure Society to Flow Society" - the overall deep monitoring of the economical, societal and environmental impacts of the above mentioned two, where I team up with core peers in a shared conversation to co-discover insights on what happens with "us", the people and planet - where I especially have a deeper eye on the leapfrog development process going on right now in the so-called "developing countries" maybe presenting for ourselves the greatest of all of "market opportunities" in all dimensions - in this one, shared world. Towards a unified, Open World? Yes, those descriptions were quite dense and complex, I agree, trying to pile together very much in a narrow word and character space - some heavy mouthfuls ;). Remember the old saying - "it was hard to write, so it should be hard to read" :).  Nah, just kiddin'. Rest assured I will continue to evolve, elaborate, break down and decipher these topics over time! And how they translate into smaller, accessible, easier chewed soundbites, for you - the knowledge, insight and personal development hungry and thirsty social media professional! With practical relevance and impact in forming our strategies when we help ourselves and our "clients" dive in to and swim in the streams, embracing/embraced by the flow.  Particularly in this SMC Global context, besides covered elsewhere through my other feeds in my part of the web-verse, they are shared via my monthly inflights of editorial contributions to http://socialmediaclub.org - as a part of the above mentioned SMC Global Editorial Team. See my attached feed below, "From The Clubhouse"-categorized! I contribute one of the weekdays the fourth week of the months, with some hard-won, co-discovered insights, so far focusing two themes - Global Digital Participation, and now, more recently, Community [insert-anything-but-management-here]. I have also contributed to the Conceptual Conflict / Confusion / Confluence (your pick! - I see Confluence and Transcendence!) surrounding Social Business. In these days, I start a new article series themed as above - "From Structure Society to Flow Society".  Everydayness In the more mundane parts of my "life in the #FlowSociety", I am a multi-tasking professional within the areas and tags #creativity #innovation #entrepreneurship #sustainability #socialweb. A pioneering conceptual work unifiying these thematic frames I have done in being a core part of forming the current perception of the concept of "Sustainopreneurship", where I started the Wikipedia article when I had completed a series of academic contributions placing the foundation for it.  Parts of these activity/revenue streams are coming from "Social Media Professional" stuff. From this function (whatever that means - a part of the process is to co-define what that "SM Pro" is here in SMC, right?), I will also cover and extract some applied, practical and concrete tips'n'tricks, e. g. on topics like "How to engage your people liking you on Facebook, after they have decided to like you, and how to let it improve your (triple) bottom line from this community building". These sharings relate to direct experiences from some client support, in concept and strategy development done in my locality, in conjunction with two of the strongest local brands in my home municipality - Norrköping, Sweden.  For all things and streams "me", I refer to my "Personal Community Hub", http://andersabrahamsson.org.   See you in the flow!

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