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From 1995-1997 I was CEO/Chairman of an interactive agency in Miami, Florida. I was in my mid-20's and I knew for sure that I knew everything and the old  advertising guys knew nothing. I used to tell them, as I pointed my finger at them, "You don't get it!"

Now, I really do know better. Fighting them and invalidating them got me nowhere. Instead, I realized, some 10 years later, that if you get it, share it. This is just part of the story of the beginnings of Social Media Club.

Professionally, I am a Creative Catalyst. I don't believe there is any box, and therefore there are no limits to what is possible. If I were a regular guy, I would be a creative director in a big agency. I see the world holistically, with the traditional organizational silo walls being invisible in my thinking and ideation. If you want to create breakthrough strategies for new products, for transforming your organization, for engaging with your customers and for serving your market.

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