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Chris Craft is an entrepreneur and founder of Nao Media & Consulting (naoisnow.com). Nao (pronounced “now”) specializes in comprehensive media marketing in various fields including sports, music, events, and food. His firm’s responsibilities include brand consulting, public relations, website design and management, graphic design, music licensing and online/social solutions. With extensive experience in the marketing and music fields, Chris provides a clear, step by step game plan for client ideas and ventures.


Chris’s career in music began when he held the world’s first online producer tournament called “Battle of the Beats” in 1999. The tournament included several young producers who would go on to have careers in the music industry including DJ Kno, Jake One, Wale Oyejide and Recompas. After graduating from Georgia Tech, Chris founded Shaman Work Recordings (www.shamanwork.com), an eclectic label with artists from varying genres including hip-hop, soul, electronic, and jazz in 2003 with his frequent collaborator, Lamar Gilliam. Shaman Work released a deep catalogue of albums including John Robinson, Wale Oyejide, Aloe Blacc and DJ Exile of Emanon, CL Smooth and MF DOOM. One of Shaman Work’s many interesting distinctions is that they were the first independent urban label to have an album exclusively carried and featured by Borders Books and Music.


In 2007, Chris started an offshoot music label called Aljera (www.aljera.com). The label, focused towards indie rock and electronic, released the debut self-titled album from the Atlanta band Judi Chicago. The same year, Chris moved to Anderson, South Carolina and opened a Planet Smoothie franchise near the campus of Clemson University. He often tests his food-related marketing strategies at this location with the use of creative front-end marketing, guerilla and viral marketing, FourSquare, Twitter and Facebook.


Chris received a degree in General Science from Morehouse College in 2000 and a degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2002. He currently lives in Columbus, GA with his wife Wanda and two year old daughter Naomi. He supports the Houston Rockets, Atlanta Falcons and is an avid poker player in his spare time.


Chris’s background, knowledge, and experience of several markets lend him to be especially adept at engaging clients and customers. He’s always looking to learn outside of the web and music verticals and apply his new findings to new and current projects. As founder of Nao Media & Consulting, he has demonstrated an ability to comprehensively brand, market, and humanize the web for his clients. Let Chris’s expertise and experience work for you.

Chris Craft
Nao Media & Consulting, L.L.C.
Blog: www.naoisnow.com/blog
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