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Craig Yaris was a dissatisfied attorney, whose career was stagnant.

As the Chief Operating Officer of a franchised company, Craig was involved in all the triumphs and tribulations of operating a business.  This included local promotions and all phases of advertising, when these things were done without the benefit of the social web.  But that wasn’t enough.

Craig has always had a passion for technology, from his early days programming a Commodore 64 computer and learning BASIC, to today, where he helps individuals and small businesses with their computer needs.

Then, Craig attended a continuing legal education program on social media.  The light bulb went on, and the career path was set.  Time for a new beginning.  In March, 2010, Craig began a new journey of learning, studying, and doing.  He enrolled in the Facebook Success Summit, and began to learn all he could about the use of the social web for small business.  He combined this knowledge with his passion for technology, and EsquireTech Solutions was born.  After three years, he decided that the current name didn’t quite fit with the goals of the company, so Social Ribbit “hopped” along, changing the digital landscape.

Today, he counts hair salons, accountants, educational consultants, PR agencies, and other small business among his clients.  Craig works with them to create a social marketing plan that is right for them.  Utilizing tools such as Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, and blogs, he help his clients engage their customers in real time.  Craig is also a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert and accredited Solutions Provier, and teaches Digital and Social Media Marketing, as well as hands-on classes for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, and Pinterest at Hofstra University in their Continuing Education department.  He is also Vice Chairman of Digital Ethos, a non-profit organization offering digital media education and support to small businesses.

An admitted New York Islanders fan, Lego-maniac, and a father of two (husband to one), Craig is on the constant search to “Boldly go where no-one has gone before”.  And with social media in its infancy, promises to take your business along for the ride.


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