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Grant Crowell is a trusted veteran content marketer, author, blogger, speaker and all-around Jack of many trades. He has worked in the online marketing industry since 1996 providing digital strategies and development to enterprises and entrepreneurs of all sizes, including video, search marketing/SEO, social media, usability, legal issues and ethics. He currently works as a video strategist for a major eRetail mass merchant, and is writing an book on disclosure best practices in online marketing and social media. He is also a former columnist for OnlineVideo.net and ReelSEO.com, along with being featured speaker at conferences nationwide around video best practices. His book credits include being the editor and researcher for "Socialized!" and a contributing researcher to "Search Engine Visibility."

He is also the author of the recent report, “Pay Me To Trust You: An Online Marketer’s Guide to The FTC’s Revised Guidelines for Disclosures of Endorsements in Social Media.

Grant also carries a traditional media background includes being a former talk-show host on AM radio, a professional newspaper cartoonist and illustrator, and a documentary film producer on first amendment issues in academia.

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