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Hi! I'm the Marketing Manager for a small business outreach group at UT Arlington called TMAC. We work with businesses to improve their productivity and profitable growth & it's my job to make sure people know about us! As you can imagine, it's not always easy.


Most of my experience is in the area of event planning, but I've found that my talent for sharing information and experiences fits quite nicely in the Social Media arena. 


I'm also a foodie. Like beyond Central Market foodie - bona fide foodie! My Pinterest "Something to Eat" board runneth over. To quench my foodie tendencies, I volunteer at the Central Market Cooking School, Pin any- & every- thing that looks fun to cook or eat, then cook & eat everything I've found a recipe for!


This is my second year with the SMCFW and I'm really excited to get more involved! Cheers :)

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