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For the past 25 years I have helped organizations understand, engage and support their customers to strengthen their brand, improve their products, increase their revenue streams, and create better experiences for all stakeholders, internally and externally. While my roles and titles have changed over time, my passion to connect people, ideas and resources remains at the core of what I do.

Most of my professional life has been spent in and around technology companies, with an emphasis on bridging the gap between technology and people. This has been accomplished in sales, marketing, customer support, community management and senior leadership roles. Core to each of these positions is the development of content marketing, influencer and ambassador programs, brand development and reputation management.

My contributions as a business leader has been extensive, including areas such as mergers and acquisitions, product development, project management, and human resources. 

In 2006, I co-founded the Social Media Club with my husband, Chris Heuer. 

Specialties: Social Media Evangelist, Marketing, Connector, Communicator, Community Manager, Customer Advocate, Content Marketing, Engagement Strategy, Influencer Relations, Brand Advocacy, Media Relations, Business Development, Partner Relations, Project Management, Event Management, Customer Relations Management, Herding cats.

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