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Nathan Hughes is a Richmond native and graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Finance. Following several years generating reports and analyzing budgets, Nathan realized that his stronger interest was in connecting people with opportunities (a.k.a., sales & networking). With strong contacts in the local community and experience working in restaurants and other small businesses, Nathan made a smooth career transition to business brokerage and commercial real estate where he continues today. As a co-founder and the Programming Director for Social Media Club of Richmond (SMCRVA), Nathan uses tools like Twitter (@rvabusiness) and his blog (http://rvabusiness.com) to remain top-of-mind with his own client base and enjoys keeping up with the ever-changing worlds of business and social media.


Virginia Association of Realtors
* 2010 Chair (2009 Vice-Chair) of the Commercial Alliance, working to analyze and suggest legislation for the VAR; member of the Commercial Alliance since 2008
* Virginia Leadership Academy for 2010

Richmond Association of Realtors
* Founding member of the Property Management Division, founded in 2009
* Member of the Legislative Committee since 2008

Social Media Club of Richmond (SMCRVA)
* Co-founder and has served as Program Director since 2009
* Working closely on enacting the SMCEDU initiative as part of SMCRVA

Retail businesses and restaurants, property management (residential & commercial)

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