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I am a interactive marketing strategist who specializes in crafting effective & profitable online personas. I've been recognized in Forbes as one of 30 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter, as well as one of WE Magazine’s Bloggers to Watch. Although that's all fun and sounds cool, it's mostly been a great way to get better connected with interesting people, which is what I truly love about social media in the first place.

My favorite thing to do in business is to use social media tools and interactive online strategies to build reputation, authority, and rapport as an expert in a niche. I enjoy speaking, blogging, creating digital information products, and karaoke (had to throw that in, just for spice).

My passionate purpose is helping to empower female entrepreneurs worldwide through education, microlending, and market access. I've traveled to China to begin my global outreach through philanthropy and partnership and intend to do much more traveling as the years go by.

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