Welcome to the Social Media Club House

This week Social Media Club President Kristie Wells and I are here in Paris to cover Le Web 2009 and support the growth of Social Media Club in Europe. If you aren't yet familiar, Le Web is the premiere conference for Web entrepreneurs and innovators in France. Loic and Geraldine LeMeur have done a fantastic […]

Enter to Be Our Resident VJ for Social Media Club House during SxSW

I am really thrilled to be writing this blog post. Over the past two months we have been busy organizing the logistics and finding partners for our Social Media Club House down at SxSW. Just yesterday, everything really started to fall into place – just as everything came together for Social Media Week San Francisco […]

SMCEDU Needs a Grant + Our Purpose, Our Goals

First, thanks to the members of SMCEDU for creating a strong foundation for a real community, and a real global initiative to improve the quality of social media education in our school systems. We have some wonderful stories of on campus successes, some great resources have been pulled together and most importantly some wonderful connections […]