Incorporating More Search Into your Social

Last week I attending Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago and was blown away by the quality of content and amount of information I was absorbing over a three day period. After a conversation I shared with Chris Heuer and Matt Murray at Blog World Expo 2010, they discussed the importance of changing verticals aka […]

Social Media Club and Lenovo Provide Professional Headshots at BlogWorld Expo

Part of Lenovo's support of Social Media Club at BlogWorld Expo 2010 was hiring professional photographer Bryan Haraway to shoot professional portraits (aka headshots) at our booth on the Expo floor. It is just another way we are trying to live the path we encourage other organizations to follow, to not just participate in the […]


Win an Invite to Social Media Club House 4 at Blog World Expo 2010

As Blog World Expo 2010 kicks off tomorrow, October 14th, Social Media Club will be hosting our Social Media Club House 4! Social Media Club House will be hosting private parties each night, where we will Livestream a nightly recap of the Blog World Expo events,, at midnight pacific time on Thursday & Friday. […]

The SMCEDU Podcast: Pilot

We’re trying out a new format for discussion: podcasts. Personally, I love podcasts because I have a long commute and I like to run. I find it’s a great way to take in information and entertainment while I’m busy doing something else (sitting in traffic, hamster-wheeling it on a treadmill, running errands, etc). Last week, […]

Postponing Social Media University

After a very difficult few weeks on many fronts, we have decided to postpone Social Media University. We have a few options we are working on, but do not have the time to get it all worked out and would like to use a short break to give us a better perspective on what we […]

Calling out unethical behavior and the lessons you learn when doing so.

Chris Heuer and I started Social Media Club (SMC) back in March of 2006 to help bring an emerging community together around a common vision of open business, sharing knowledge and promoting ethical behavior. We wanted to bring awareness to the need for improving media literacy. We thought it important to promote industry standards like Creative […]

Social Media + Family, the Phoenix Discussion

Amy Barseghian is social media savvy. In her Mommy Mentor blog she reviews products with an eye for children’s safety and offers advice on getting your little ones to bed. She’s an avid Tweeter, so much so, she convinced her father to start his own account to stay updated on his growing grandchildren. But there’s […]

Please Help Us Social Media Club Community, You're Our Only Hope

UPDATE: After listening to the feedback and receiving no new ticket sales, we have decided to postpone the conference. More details on this new blog post, Postponing Social Media University. We need your help and we need it now. Our conference, Social Media University, is suffering the same fate as many other conferences and events […]


Social Media Lunch Meat 10/6

I like blogs but sometimes, the amount of content I'm reading gets overwhelming so I resort to my kindergarten days of liking anything with pretty pictures!  Think consuming content + Pretty pictures = Infographics. Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly[1], […]

October Social Media + Family Tour Dates Cancelled (for now)

Yesterday, with a very heavy heart, we decided to pull the plug on the remaining tour dates of our Social Media + Family tour for October, which included a Dads Who Lunch event in each city. Ultimately, we were not getting the interest from our community, nor the support we needed to pull the events […]